SHAPE-UTAH members have the opportunity to submit nominees for our Teacher of the Year Awards. If you know of a deserving individual and would like their accomplishments recognized, nominate the individual. Our awards are in the following categories: Elementary PE, Middle/Jr. High PE, High School PE, Middle/Jr. High Health, High School Health, Adapted PE, Dance Educator, Coaching, Undergraduate Major, Graduate Major, Recreation Specialist, College Educator, and Public School Administrator. You may nominate yourself.

2023 SHAPE Utah Award Winners

Lifetime Acheivement - Hester Henderson, Retired from University of Utah
Outdoor - Reid Anderson, Salt Lake City School District
Secondary PE  - Nate Tuatagaloa, Ogden City School District
Adapted PE- Krista Di Lello, Alpine School District
Administrator - Sam Rencher, Alpine School District
Elementary PE - Linda Reber, Alpine School District
Dance Educator- Tina Misaka, Salt Lake City School District
Coaching- Brett Davis, Canyons School District
Health Educator - Linzie Hazelwood, Salt Lake City School District
Linda Mayne Award - Reid Anderson, Salt Lake City School District
Teacher of the Year - Kristen Reynolds and Alison Renstrom, Snow Canyon Middle School, Washington County School District


TOY 2023 Outdoor 2023
Nate 2023 2023 Awards
Health 2023  


2018 Award Winners

Adapted PE- Teri Davis, Provo School District
Elementary PE - Ashley Davis, Ogden School District
Middle School/Jr High- Geoff Penrod, Granite School District
High School PE- Chad Blevins, Alpine School District
Dance Educator-Kristy Knight, Davis School District
Coaching- Daniel Line, Bear River Middle School
Middle School/Jr High Health- Julie Brown, Iron County School District
High School Health- Aimeee Sauvageau, Weber School District

 2016 Award Winners

2015 Award Winners

Presidential Award: Rick Bojak
Jump Rope for Heart Award: Jennifer Wheelwright
JumpRope for Heart Award: Amy Newman
Dance: Jean LaSarre Gardner
Coaching: Steve Allen
Elementary Physical Education: Hillary Tolman
Middle/Junior High Physical Education: Debbie Jensen
High School Physical Education: Justin Judkins
High School Health: Byron Tanner
Adapted Physical Education: Nancy Merrick
Physical Activity/ Recreation Specialist: Bruce Brinkman
Undergraduate Major: Kimberly Rohner
Graduate Major: Andrew Harveson
College Educator: Todd Pennington
Public School Administrator: Fred Openshaw

2014 Award Winners
Dance:Kelby McIntyre- Martinez 
Coaching: Craig Robinette 
Elementary Physical Education: Mandy King
Middle/Junior High Physical Education: Jennifer Jacobsen
High School Physical Education: Debbie Dodds
Middle/Junior High Health: Chelsie Acosta
High School Health: Tara Hall
Adaptive Physical Education:James Zagrodnik
Undergraduate: Britt Hawke
Graduate: Amber Hall
Higher Educator:Carol Wilkinson
Public School Administrator: John Robison

2013 Award Winners
Dance: Elizabeth Nielson
Coaching: Quincy Lewis
Elementary Physical Education: Amy Newman
Middle/Junior High School Physical Education: Melinda Hilyard
High School Physical Education: Shauna Haney
Middle/ Junior High Health: Molly Garfield
Middle/ Junior High Health:  Nicole Deaton
High School Health: Nancy Warner
Adaptive Physical Education: Cotie McMahon
Physical Activity/ Recreation: Cavett Eaton
Undergraduate Major: Ryan Boyce
Graduate Major: Steven Prewitt
College Educator: Hester Henderson

2012 Award Winners
Dance: Angela Williams
Coaching: Kim Nelson
Physical Activity and Recreation: Gary Willden
Middle School Health: Cindy Benton
High School Health: Margo Jones
Elementary Physical Education: RuthAnn Bateman
Middle School Physical Education: Reid Anderson
High School Physical Education: Amber Hall
Adaptive Physical Education: Penny Davis
College Educator: Glenna Padfield
Administrator: Theron Murphy
President's Service: Jamie Ney
President's Award: Weymouth Anderson

2011 Award Winners
Coaching: Cindy Stuart
Elementary Physical Education: Cathy Hinshaw
Middle/ Junior High School Physical Education: Joan Goulding
High School Physical Education: Trisha Roberts
Middle/ Junior High School Health: Barbara Farris
High School Health: Jenne Leigh Hamlin
President's Appreciation: Brenda Tolman

2010 Award Winners
Honor: Susanne Davis
Coaching: David Peck
Middle/ Junior High School Physical Education: Lynn Harmer
High School Physical Education: Lisa White
Middle/ Junior High School Health: Amanda Davis
High School Health: Angela Roberts
President's Appreciation: Doug Allen
President's Appreciation: Luann Leavitt

2009 Award Winners
Honor: Monica Mize
Coaching: Craig Drury
Elementary Physical Education: Jenny Grosh
Middle/ Junior High School Physical Education: Heather Torgerson
High School Physical Education: Donna Tippetts
Middle/ Junior High School Health: Crispen Anderson
High School Health: Ann Johnson
President's Appreciation: Mel Olson
President's Appreciation: Bill Vincent
President's Appreciation: Maggie Shibla

2008 Award Winners
Honor: Frank Wojtech
Coaching: Deb Bennett
Elementary Physical Education: Analisa Anderson
Elementary Physical Education: Jackie Parker
Middle/ Junior High School Physical Education: David Robinson
Middle/ Junior High School Physical Education: Betsy Spiegel
High School Physical Education: Shauna Haney
High School Physical Education: Laura Bailey
Middle/ Junior High School Health: Cindy Baker
High School Health: John Rock
President's Appreciation: Geri Conlin
President's Appreciation: Glenna Padfield

2007 Award Winners
Dance: Colleen West
Coaching: Jay Welk
Elementary School Physical Education: Randi Enriquez
Middle School Physical Education: Shauna Morley
Middle School Physical Education: Cindy Lloyd
High School Physical Education: Brock Moore
Middle School Health: Richard Monson
Junior High School Health: Sherry Lindberg
High School Health: Jay Butler
Appreciation: Susan Vincent Graser
Appreciation: William J. Vincent
Appreciation: Shaunna McGhie

2006 Award Winners
Honor:  Celia Sharman
Honor: Peter J. Mathesius
Utah Elementary Teacher of the Year: Steve Demmin
Utah Middle/ Junior High School Teacher of the Year:  Linda Jones Lewis
Utah Health Teacher of the Year:  Margaret Price
Utah Physical Education Teacher of the Year:  Marie Bone